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USF4 > Yun
Yun Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Yun Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 900Stun: 950 Tier Ranking: 1st
Popularity: 25th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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Snydler posted December 11, 2014

Abuse the hell out of Yun's divekick.

An easy combo into Yun's super is as follow. st.LP, st.LK, st.MP xx m.shoulder xx super.

Once you activate super, use overhead mk, l.lunge punch and l.shoulder to juggle your opponent into the corner. If you have ultra 1 ready, do l.shoulder xx ultra 1 for a stylish finish.

himura posted January 12, 2015

can we start putting the proper names of the moves in here?

is far from being serious....

JoeGrapeseed posted December 10, 2014

you play Yun by going nuts thats all.


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