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Yang Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Yang Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 900Stun: 950 Tier Ranking: 25th
Popularity: 31st Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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feralwolf72 posted December 10, 2014

Yang is an character that wants to get in, put his opponent in the corner and maul him with juggle combos and resets. He has the tools to navigate the screen and get around his opponents options to do so. The only problem with that, is that he has to be played near perfectly to do so.

He was buffed in Ultra in several ways, but more to make him a playable character, rather than an overpowered one. With that being said certain top players took a liking to him and showcased some of the crazy things he can achieve. As of this writing the youtube video titled, '"Collusion" USF4 Yang...' is an example of the mayhem this character can cause.


Easy access pressure with cr. MK, LP rekka and divekick/jump in mix ups

Successful Close MK hits can lead to nasty resets that keep your opponent in an uncomfortable spot

Has numerous ways around projectiles

High damage corner combos due to various juggle states available with normal and special moves

Chainable LPs, throws, and command throws are available to break down defenses

Several ways to break armor between target combos, palm, and mutli hitting special moves


Low health

Low damage without meter (and/or ultra)

Takes higher execution and practice for nominal results

No strong reversals

In Ultra, Yang's command throw now does damage which scales down a successful combo afterward.

Aside from the juggle potential, Yang is a jack of all of his trades, but a master of none.

Shamwow posted June 29, 2015

The most common mistake made by people that just start to learn to use this character (including me) is to treat him as a dive kick character like Yun and Rufus. His dive kick is not as strong as his twin brother, but what he lacks in air pressure, he more than makes up in strong ground footsie game. His cr mk, st mp, and mantis slashes allow him to control the ground space very well.

The second most common mistake is to think that because of his low damage output, he needs to keep trying to mix up the opponent with air resets. While his mix up game is very strong, one correct guess from your opponent means you lose pressure and needs to work hard to get in again. Instead of doing air resets all the time, you should do his best corner carry combo and just send the opponent to the corner and keep them there.

Yang's corner pressure game is very scary with his safe mantis slashes, st mp, command dash, and his dive kick (this is where you can apply a lot of pressure with his dive kick). Any attempt made by the opponent to jump out of the corner should be met with a cl mk anti air that leads to big damage juggles.

All in all, his play style is somewhat in the middle between Fei Long and Yun, with more emphasis on ground game than on dive kick rush down pressure. The game plan is to play patient ground footsie game until you push them in the corner, then go ham with block strings, slashes, dive kicks, and command grabs.

If your opponent somehow get out of the corner, don't panic and try to switch sides. With 2 bars, Yang can throw the opponent all the way to the middle of the stage in 1 combo, and throw them to the other corner in another combo. He builds meter extremely fast so you don't have to worry about not having meter for his FADC combos.

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