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Stamina: 1,100Stun: 1,100 Tier Ranking: 38th
Popularity: 26th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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IRLPoison posted September 20, 2015

1.Keep Jumping In
2.Mix up with condor dive/jab/splash
3.Churn/condor spire/block
4.Return to Rule Number 1.

viparas posted November 21, 2014

T.Hawk is a mobility based grappler. While other characters like Zangief or Hugo are stuck doing much of their mid to long range game by creeping forward, T.Hawk is unique in having Condor dive, Condor Spire and a reasonably quick walk speed. Paired with strong normals, it can be difficult to keep T.Hawk out, and even more difficult to escape from him with the presence of his Tomahawk Buster and Raging Slash Ultra.

Pros of using T.Hawk:
*Tied for highest health and stun in the game with Zangief and Hugo.
*Has ways to rapidly build meter, and then use that meter to bypass
many traditional forms of zoning.
*High ground and air mobility

Cons of using T.Hawk:
*Among the worst focus attacks in the game.
*No application for EX Red Focus.
*Has very narrow applications for each of his anti-airs, making it difficult to deal with characters that have variable jump trajectory.
*Very large body can result in higher damage combos from enemies.


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