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USF4 > Sakura > Ultra 1 - Super and Ultras

Sakura's Ultra 1 Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Haru Ranman

Ultra 1 a.k.a. Haru Ranman
6.3 of 10
Armor breaking
Forces stand
Hard knockdown
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unseenpotential01 posted December 2, 2014

This is sakura's damage ultra. it has more invincibility than ultra 2 but it isn't as versatile. There are a few good ways to land ultra 1, but mainly juggling after ex hurricane kick is the most common way. juggling into ultra 1 is almost as easy as ultra 2 and if you dash forward you can increase the chances all the hits will connect properly.

If you prefer damage over better versatility, then this is an acceptable choice. Both versions help sakura fairly well during a match.

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