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USF4 > Sakura > Hurricane Kick - Special Moves

Sakura's Hurricane Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Shunpukyaku

Hurricane Kick a.k.a. Shunpukyaku
8.9 of 10
Armor breaking
Projectile invincibility
EX Hurricane Kick a.k.a. EX Shunpukyaku
9.4 of 10
Armor breaking
Limited juggle
Projectile invincibility
Soft knockdown
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Tips for Sakura's Hurricane Kick
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unseenpotential01 posted November 15, 2014

The light version is Sakura's go to move when up close and is safe on block. since it is airborne, you can use it to beat throws, and if it hits, you have up to +4 frames of advantage to combo. If you try to land the light version meaty, you can make it up to +1 or +2 on block and even more on hit!

This version should almost never be used because it is VERY slow, -3 on block and almost never combos. it is safe on hit though.

You can, however, use this to go over fireballs with it and there's less of a chance of you getting punished if the 3rd hit of the hard kick version whiffing at the right ranges.

You can also use this version for meaty set ups against your opponent. Since the block-stun is a bit higher than the light version, landing the medium kick hurricane kick meaty can throw off your opponents punish since you will actually be safe enough to land a counter-hit. If this move hits, then depending on how deep the move hits then it can be up to plus 4 or 6 and up to +8 or more on counter-hit.

The best use for this version, if you decide to use it, is to stop your opponent from low profiling or crouch teching. If they push a button at the wrong time, you opponent can get tagged, but if they block it, you will most likely be in throw range so be prepared to back dash if needed.


This version is best used as a combo ender when you need to save meter. It's faster and does big damage but doesn't knock down. The second or first hit may whiff mid combo but the hit-stun will make sure the next hit will land. Most of the time you will land two hits depending on the character and the normal you used to combo from.

Like the medium version, Sakura's heavy kick hurricane kick can be used to go over fireballs at mid range and can be done meaty as well (Much more difficult because of its faster start up.) This version is a little safer on block at -2 so you have more room to decide whether to retreat with a back-dash or to continue your offense. Be careful when using this against grapplers though!


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