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USF4 > Sakura > Air Hurricane Kick - Special Moves

Sakura's Air Hurricane Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Air Shunpukyaku

Air Hurricane Kick a.k.a. Air Shunpukyaku
6.8 of 10
Soft knockdown
EX Air Hurricane Kick a.k.a. EX Air Shunpukyaku
10 of 10
Limited juggle
Soft knockdown
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Tips for Sakura's Air Hurricane Kick
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unseenpotential01 posted December 2, 2014

A great alternate option to approach from the air.The hit box priority is pretty good air to air and knocks your opponent down whether you hit them in the ground or air. its also safe on block and is great for throwing off your opponents anti airs when approaching.

Each version has a set trajectory and the arc changes depending on when you use it during sakura's jump arc.

The light version has longer float time but less forward movement, the medium version has a bit less float time but more forward momentum and the heavy version has the least float time but the most forward momentum. This is good to know when neutral jumping over fireballs and if you mistimed your jump, you can use the version that best fits the situation to get over the fireball. depending on the point sakura is in during her jump animation, sakura can stall her descent longer before touching the ground. in most cases you will use the heavy version when neutral jumping to help her move forward and over the fireball. And either the light or medium versions when jumping backwards. Jumping forward to use air tatsu can give more or less advantage depending on how low and how deep it hits your opponent. Because of the new trajectory changes, properly landing sakura's air tatsu is a bit more difficult and depends on the distance you are from the opponent, how high you are and which version you are using. Using the wrong version and the wrong distance and height can cause you to whiff so be careful.

in the corner, if sakura's air tatsu hits late enough, she can combo into either the medium or heavy versions of her dp or Ultra 2.

the ex version is a combination of the light and heavy version. It juggles for up to 3 hits in the air and it can combo into ultra 2 in the corner. If you need to escape the corner, the ex version can be used to try to float over your opponent. But it is still very risky, especially if mistimed. p-linking into the ex version will boost sakura's forward momentum, giving her more distance and a shorter travel time. Which can help make it harder to punish.


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