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USF4 > Sakura > Crouching Medium Kick - Normal Moves

Sakura's Crouching Medium Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4

Crouching Medium Kick
8.3 of 10
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sagejonathan posted December 9, 2014

This is easily one of Sakura's best tools. It has excellent reach that often decieves the opponent and has a quick startup. Best of all though is that you can buffer or cancel into her shoryuken as you do this move. Confirming into HP Shoryuken will give you a knockdown or lead to high damage, high stun FADC combos, both of which are essential to Sakura's game.

Buffering shoryuken allows you to catch back dashes, focuses, and helps you punish whiffing opponents. This is an excellent tool overall and should be used regularly, but good players will begin to punish predictable so it can't be abused or used predictably.


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