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Sakura Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Sakura Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 950Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 21st
Popularity: 9th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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FlowerShakur posted October 16, 2015

Since noone has made anything for Sakura yet, I'd figure that I would post something to at least give new players an idea.

First of all, if you're new to rushdown, Sakura isn't for you. Her moveset is based around 1. Committal 2. Ballsy Aggression and 3. Execution. I mention this because with her, you have to have these mastered to be able to effectively dominate with Sakura, otherwise, you're going to lack damage and whiff on your moves a lot, leaving you wide open. It's obvious that despite her "mimickery" of Ryu, she really has developed a completely different style (as Ryu is more of a zoner anyway). Also, she has a stamina of 950 and given that's the max for a female fighter, that's very good.

Her fireball isn't too useful unless you use EX, then it's pretty powerful. Her shoryuken is devastating if it hits, and crippling if it misses. Her hurricane kicks, as proven by fighters like Uryo, are the bread and butter of her style, being used to press aggression, and it's certainly safer than her shoryuken. She doesn't get useful movement normals like step kick, so you're going to be relying a lot on special movement to keep her strong.

As I said, I didn't get much playtime with her, but I feel that something should go here, and again I need to reiterate. If you're new to rushdown, and are still working on the 3 things above, I would not recommend Sakura. She is definitely for the well-experienced Street Fighters who have battle experience and better execution and judgment.

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