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USF4 > Rose > Super - Super and Ultras

Rose's Super Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Aura Soul Spark

Super a.k.a. Aura Soul Spark
7.8 of 10
Hard knockdown
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ScrubSaibot posted November 22, 2014

Use the super in a combo at the first opportunity you get so that life scaling doesn't affect the damage output and so you have time to build more meter before the round ends.

Serperior posted November 22, 2014



1. Low Damage (In comparison to most other Super Combos)

The only thing that could be considered a notable weakness of Aura Soul Spark is its comparatively low damage output in contrast to most of the other Super Combos in the game. It does a base 300 damage, whereas most other Super Combos are somewhere in the 320-350 range or in some cases even more. However, this tends to be fair due to the high applicability of this Super when compared to the others. Most characters aren't able to utilize their Super Combo like Rose can because they have to spend meter more frequently, so in a lot of cases the Super will go completely unused. So in the few instances where other characters do have the opportunity to land their Super, it's fair that they get rewarded in terms of a little more damage for their effort (and meter).

*Note: Against energy-throwing projectile characters, Rose can actually increase the damage of her Super Combo (and Soul Spark) by absorbing Fireballs/Sonic-booms with LP Soul Reflect. Every time she absorbs one of these moves, her Soul Spark and Aura Soul Spark get a 5% increase in damage. She can do this up to 7 times for a maximum increase of 35% in damage. This would max out her Soul Spark at 108 damage (up from 80) and Aura Soul Spark at 405 (up from 300). This sounds great, but in reality is extremely difficult to actually utilize effectively. It's good knowledge to have, though, just in case you want to give it a try.


Serperior posted November 22, 2014

Aura Soul Spark, Rose's Super Combo, is a very good move. In fact, it's probably one of the most applicable Super Combos in the game. The main reason for this is due to the fact that Rose is somewhat of a 'Meter Queen', as she builds super meter quickly, particularly against the 17 (out of 44) energy-based projectile throwing characters, with the combination of Soul Spark and Soul Reflect. In addition to this, Rose has less necessity to spend the super meter she gains on the majority of her EX special moves because most of them are only applicable in certain specific situations (e.g. Soul Reflect, Soul Throw). The only notable exception is EX Soul Spiral, which is one of her most useful and applicable moves. Nevertheless, Rose is one of the few characters in the game that can regularly stock a full super gauge in a match and put it to good use, which ultimately is a major benefit as it helps top off combos with a nice punch. This Meter Queen reigns supreme!



1. High Combo Potential/Good Combo Ender

One of the best things about Aura Soul Spark is that it's the perfect way to cap off a combo for that extra bit of damage (which she needs so very much) because this move is cancelable from a lot of different moves, including some normals. The most common (and applicable) way to combo into this Super is off of Soul Spiral, of course. You can also combo this move off of high juggles, most notably after a HP Soul Reflect or the more rare anti-air Soul Piede (Forward Heavy Kick).

Note: The speed of the fireball alters depending on which button (LP, MP, HP) you use to activate this move. The LP version travels the slowest, while the HP version travels the fastest. However, the button you choose to activate Aura Soul Spark with is usually a non-factor because all versions combo from a hit confirm, which is how you'll most often be utilizing this move.


2. High Frequency of Use

As noted before, Rose is one of the only characters able to consistently utilize her Super Combo as a standard part of her game because of her fantastic ability to build super meter, and less necessity to spend it.

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