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USF4 > Rose > Soul Reflect - Special Moves

Rose's Soul Reflect Ultra Street Fighter 4

Soul Reflect
6.6 of 10
Limited juggle
Soft knockdown
EX Soul Reflect
4.5 of 10
Limited juggle
Projectile invincibility
Soft knockdown
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Tips for Rose's Soul Reflect
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Serperior posted November 20, 2014

When used efficiently, this move grants Rose a distinct advantage against energy-throwing opponents employing zoning tactics. On the other hand, it has limited applicability or usefulness against the 27 (out of 44 total) characters on the roster that do not use energy-based projectiles.

**Note: This move's properties only apply to energy-based projectiles**
-Soul Reflect is NOT to be used against:
1. Ibuki or Rolento's Kunai knives
2. Cody's rock or knife throw

LP Soul Reflect:
-Absorbs Non-EX Fireballs/Sonic-booms
-Each absorbed projectile gains Rose a large amount of super meter (Close to 1/2 of a bar)

Usually the preferred version to use, as the significant gain in super meter adds up quickly, giving Rose more versatility.

MP Soul Reflect:
-Reflects Non-EX Fireballs/Sonic-booms back laterally toward the opponent

The best alternative to the LP version. While it doesn't provide any special benefits, it can still help Rose shut down the opponent's projectile zoning strategy.

HP Soul Reflect:
-Reflects Non-EX Fireballs/Sonic-booms back at an upward angle (Approximately 45 degrees)
-Has limited juggle properties when used as a direct attack
- Follow-ups include:
1. Soul Throw (Requires FADC except when in the corner)
2. Soul Spiral (HP or EX versions only at mid-screen, all versions connect in the corner)
3. Aura Soul Spark (Only when Super Gauge is full)

Rarely used over the LP or MP versions, it is the most difficult to use effectively for reflecting projectiles and requires more strict timing than the other versions. Also, even though projectiles are reflected upward to suggest it be used to anti-air jumping opponents, it is not very good at doing this. I've had many experiences where my opponent was able to jump over the angled fireball, which in my opinion nullifies the purpose of this version's properties.

HP Soul Reflect is more useful as a direct contact move due to its juggle properties, however, its limited range and relatively shallow follow-up options hold it back from being truly usable unless your opponent is in the corner.

EX Soul Reflect:
-Reflects both EX and Non-EX Fireballs/Sonic-booms back laterally toward the opponent
-Small amount of projectile invincibility at startup

This move is seldom used as it is only really effective for reflecting EX projectiles, which are much harder to predict and react to. In addition, this move requires the use of 1 bar of super meter, which is typically not worth spending.

On the other hand, this version can occasionally be effective explicitly BECAUSE of the fact that most opponents aren't going to expect you to use it. So, if you are in a situation where you have the meter, are comfortable with spending it, and properly predict an EX projectile, give it a try. This move can really throw your opponent off.

Tryken posted November 15, 2014

Due to her somewhat lacking fireball, you will need to fully take advantage of her reflect to stay in the game against fireball zoning characters. Truthfully, the move has very little utility outside of reflecting projectiles (you can combo crouching heavy punch into heavy reflect then hit them with an EX soul spiral, but that's mostly it).

Her reflect will punish characters for throwing fireballs three quarters to a full screen away by giving her a good amount of meter. Truthfully, only the light version should be used, as most characters will be able to easily react to their returned projectile, and you'll miss out on that all important meter.

The weakness of the move, however, is that it's not particularly fantastic at the range Rose does best at where you'll want to focus on her fantastic set of normal attacks. Furthermore, it becomes very difficult to reflect on reaction once characters get a half screen in or closer.

So, without going further into detail, it's best to save this move for when you're a great amount of distance from your opponent or you're using it as part of a punish.


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