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USF4 > Rose > Far Standing Medium Kick - Normal Moves

Rose's Far Standing Medium Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4

Far Standing Medium Kick
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Shamwow posted June 29, 2015

You can beat shotos with this button alone (beats their cr mk).

Serperior posted November 26, 2014

Far-Standing MK is another good normal attack in Rose's arsenal, as it shares some characteristics of her Far-Standing HK.


1. Decent range and somewhat low hitbox make it a good poke/counter-poke move
2. Invulnerable to low attacks
3. Difficult to punish when spaced correctly

Far-Standing MK is essentially like a shorter-ranged Far-Standing HK, as they share a lot of similar traits. It is a non-cancelable normal, meaning that you cannot combo from it and that it can only be used as a stand-alone attack. During the animation of the move, Rose leaves the ground, and therefore this move cannot be hit by low attacks whilst active. It has less range than Far-Standing HK, however, its hitbox is lower, which has its own benefit in that when combined with its invulnerability to low attacks allow it to completely stuff certain low moves.

As with any poke move, it requires that you learn how to appropriately space it to make it as safe as possible. Much like Far-Standing HK, you want to space it so that only just the tip of Rose's foot makes contact with your opponent, as this will make it almost impossible to punish. It recovers in 13 frames and is at only -1 frame disadvantage on block so it's a bit safer than Far-Standing HK (which recovers in 19 frames and is at -3 frame disadvantage on block) but is still very much punishable if you make contact too deep on your opponent.

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