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Rose's Slide Ultra Street Fighter 4

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ScrubSaibot posted November 20, 2014

Do not rely too much on the slide in footsies. Good players who know the matchup will bait it and punish you hard with focus attacks or a whiff punish, because it has lots of whiff recovery. It's tempting to use it a lot because it covers a lot of distance and hits low, but you need to focus on using your excellent normals, which do not have the drawbacks the slide has. Advance against your opponents using safer movement options, such as walking forward and whiff punishing their poke when they try to stop your forward walk.

Uses for the slide
-Anti airing using trip guard (slide is active during the recovery frame of their jump)
-Cross under jump ins. After you cross under you can hit them out of their jump in from the other side with a normal or back away to give yourself more space.
-Surprising people by hitting them low.
-Whiff punishing (the slide is less risky if you know your opponent's poke is in recovery and can whiff punish)

The slide is vulnerable to focus attacks but Soul Satellite breaks focus. When U2 is active, you can advance against opponents using slide with less risk, making it easier to poke them with it or convincing them to back themselves up into the corner.

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