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USF4 > Poison > Aeolus Edge - Special Moves

Poison's Aeolus Edge Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Fireball, FB

Aeolus Edge a.k.a. Fireball, FB
9.2 of 10
Juggle state
Soft knockdown
EX Aeolus Edge a.k.a. EX Fireball, EX FB
8.9 of 10
Juggle state
Soft knockdown
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chainsofallat posted November 20, 2014

Poison's fireball is the cornerstone of her gameplan at all ranges and all levels of play. It is her best and most versatile special move. All strengths leave the opponent in a jugglable state on an anti-air hit and have large hitboxes, making anti-airing with them very easy. All strengths except light also have considerable advantage on hit and block, making them excellent pressure tools and opening up combos.

Her fireball's greatest utility comes from the fact that the different strengths cover each other's weaknesses. While light fireball is very susceptible to jump-ins, hard allows for an easy combo against jumpers. They build meter fairly quickly, allowing you to keep the opponent out while gaining a meter advantage in stalemates. If they try to build meter of their own, throw a light fireball into the mix to punish them. Learning when to use each strength of her fireball is vital to learning to play Poison.

So, when do you use each? Here's a primer. Light is a normal fireball, fast-moving and covers the whole screen. It activates early in the total framecount, but has considerable recovery, making it extremely vulnerable to jumping attacks. Use it like you would use Ryu's. Many players use this as a poke in the neutral game, but it is outshone in this regard by her medium fireball. Medium does not cover the whole screen, but still activates early enough to be used like a normal fireball, and has very little recovery, allowing a followup attack under most circumstances. It is possible to walk or dash forward after releasing a medium fireball and combo from almost any distance with hard punch, rekka, or even crouching hard punch into a combo. Her medium strength fireball is the unsung hero of her pressure and defensive game, keeping opponents out of the air while still threatening grounded opponents. Hard is a defensive tool that punishes jumpers and is unpunishable on block, and even by many dedicated fireball punish moves, but the fireball releases very late in the animation, allowing a keen-eyed opponent to punish you before the projectile is released. Don't let this happen to you. Hard is specifically a tool for crushing enemies who get impatient and try to jump through her fireball game, so a good strategy is to throw out a mixture of pressuring medium fireballs and whiffed hard fireballs at mid range to force your enemy to run the gauntlet legitimately for fear of being juggled brutally.

Used correctly, Poison's fireball game can stop almost all characters dead in their tracks, and even the best opponents will find themselves being juggled by fireballs for losing their cool from time to time. Spend a while in training mode learning how to convert from fireball hits into at least some extra damage and you'll watch your effectiveness with the leading lady of crime skyrocket. If you start feeling like you're not playing fair, just think of it as staying in character. Besides, they secretly like getting kicked around like that.


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