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USF4 > Poison > Close Standing Light Kick - Normal Moves

Poison's Close Standing Light Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4

Close Standing Light Kick
8.3 of 10
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BmRizzo posted November 22, 2014

Close standing light kick leaves Poison at +3 on block and a whopping +6 on hit. On block this move can set up some scary tick throw or CH close hK combos that can deal 300-400+ damage combos meterless depending on the character and screen positioning. Another big plus on this move is that crouching lK into standing light kick is actually a true block string unlike crouching lp x 2 that a lot of Poisons do too much. On hit close lk can link into crouching/close mk, standing mk, crouching hp, close standing hk and close standing hp. This move gives Poison fairly high damaging BnBs and scary frame trap combos.


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