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USF4 > Poison > Overhead - Command Normals

Poison's Overhead Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Elbow Drop

Overhead a.k.a. Elbow Drop
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Tips for Poison's Overhead
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RhythmRhino posted May 21, 2015

This attack does not give that much frame advantage, but there are many ways to get more frame advantage by hitting with the later active frames. You can even link cr.HP for high damage if you hit on the last active frame.

- Use the overhead at max range so you hit with the tip
- Land on a low profile move like several characters' slide
- After an air-to-air hit (at the right height), time the overhead for when they land
- After forward jump cancelling EX-WoL, [empty jump, cr.LP, overhead]. They will recover just as the last frame of the overhead is active.

BmRizzo posted November 22, 2014

A high risk high reward overhead. You can link Poisons light normals after this moves hits granting some strong oki and good damage.


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