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Stamina: 950Stun: 950 Tier Ranking: 27th
Popularity: 22nd Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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U4iA27 posted November 22, 2014

Oni is a char that is all about footsies and applying pressure. despite having the staple tools of a typical shoto char he isn't just a shoto clone that can be played like ryu or akuma. He is very much his own char in this regard. for starters the frame data on his fireball doesn't support a primarily zoning style approach as they all start up in 13f and have 47f (43f for Ex) of recovery. his electric fireballs don't fare much better with a start up of 28, 29, and 31f and 54, 61, and 69f frames of recovery across jab, strong and fierce punches respectively (Ex is 25f Start up and 50f recovery). does that mean oni can't zone? no. but understand that it won't be your primary means of controlling space.

strong footsies is necessary to bring out the best oni has to offer. your go to normals for this will be,, and cr.rh. unique to oni he also has a command normal for all of his standing normals. these can be utilized in footsies as well (tho the fp and roundhouse versions should be used sparingly as they can be punished if read) is especially effective as it has excellent range and comes out fast at 5f start up. toward+mk is good for closing in on your opponent and tho it starts up in 11f its only -1 on block so unless it is read by your opponent they won't be punishing it. back+mp is a good normal as well for ending block strings being +2 on block as well as good for fishing for counter hits (with good start up and a well sized hitbox) once you have the opponent cornered during during footsies. lastly st.fp is your go to anti air normal.

the rest of his special moves are mostly useful during combos with the exception of a select few. his air dash specials are good for altering his jump trajectory and his RH demon slash has projectile inv from f10-f25. even though his Ex slash goes through opponents and hits from the opposite side it is not wise to use this as a go to mixup tool but as more of a once in a blue kinda deal depending on the matchup and how well you feel you've conditioned your opponent. his demon palm and hurricane kicks are both good as combo enders as both yield results that aid in Oni's game plan with demon palm netting the player a hard knock down and rh hurricane kick in particular having good corner carry.

both of his ultras are effective so it comes down to a matter of preference and matchup. both has 12f of inv but U2 starts up in 8f so its more effective as a punish to predictable play. u1 is more for punishing poorly thrown fireballs and as a AA in some match ups with its 11f start up.

schecter707HR posted December 17, 2014

are they gonna put the combos back up or are they gone for good. I liked those cuz they gave me a starting point so I could create my own...Hope they bring the combo sections back...

bladehut posted March 3, 2015

Wtf did event hubs do w the combo sections and why??


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