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Makoto Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

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Stamina: 950Stun: 1,050 Tier Ranking: 37th
Popularity: 14th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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sagejonathan posted November 26, 2014

A general guide for Makoto:

In her neutral game, do your best to be at a distance where you can at least pressure with and forward At full screen, do your best to move forward without being voerly aggressive. Absorb fireballs and build super meter with lp overhead chop, but also take strides forward.

Movement: Walking back and forward is impossible with Makoto because of her walk speed. Use forward lk to take safe short steps forward. This is great against fireball characters and players that tend to press alot of buttons. Forward mk and the target combo are great for closing distances on opponents who are just a few paces away. Dashes are a huge part of Makoto's game but don't overdo it because you can run into a lot of moves.

Offense: This is when you have a knockdown or are right in the opponents face. In the opponents face, use lots of stand jabs and mp. Throw a few mk axe kicks to catch opponents trying to press buttons or tech throws. Between all this pressure, mix in command grabs. On knockdown use nuetral to create mix ups, go for crossups, a few mk axe kicks, command grabs at times, and the occasional overhead. Makoto excels in this field.

Defense: Use Up Punch on bad jump ins for a solid combo. Otherwise use Focus back dashes cane get you out of a few situations since Makoto's back dash is pretty fast. Use a lot because it has high priority and a great hitbox, it will force your opponents to respect your space and block. On wakeup, use EX overhead as your shoryuken because of decent invincibility. EX Command grab is great to catch opponents trying to pressure you with normals on wakeup since it absorbs one hit.

Useful combos:
1)>> (EX) dash punch
2) st.hp->EX Fiukage->jp.HP
3)>EX Dash Punch (in corner)->lp Up punch->EX Axe kick
4) mk Axe kick->st.hp->EX Fiukage->mk axe kick->EX dash punch
5) jp.HK->>EX Fiukage->delayed jp.HP

Random Other notes: Use focus attack often, because it will help Makoto get in on a lot of characters. Use Ultra 1 most of the time, but use Ultra 2 on fireball characters like Sagat. Be patient in the nerutral game; Makoto cannot move much without a risky dash so just lie back and wait for an opportunity if you need to.

Deeyennay posted November 16, 2014

Regarding movement, Makoto has the slowest walk speed in the game so use dashes or command normals that move Makoto forward instead of walking. She has a very fast, very far dash where she also ducks so it avoids some moves up close, but beware of fireballs. It's easy to dash straight into fireballs. In those matchups I like to use f.LK and f.MP to get closer as they're safer.


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