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Ken Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Ken Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 1,000Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 12th
Popularity: 4th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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Wintry posted November 17, 2014

Ken, like many shotos, has a pretty strong low game, stemming from one of his main pokes, the low forward (cr. MK). However, he also has other tools to space and poke from different ranges. The step kick (F + MK) is great for punishing back dashes, as it moves Ken forward while poking at the same time. He also has a pretty good overhead with the Thunder Kick (F + HK), and it allows you to play mind games. By holding down HK when doing the overhead, Ken will motion and move forward but not kick.

Ken also has a weaker fireball game, possibly the weakest of all the shotos (apart from Dan). EX Fireball doesn't do a hard knockdown like Ryu's does, and so it leaves this move more toward breaking focus attacks. Main combo enders will tend to be your heavy Shoryuken or EX Tatsu for positioning purposes.

MasterMarg posted January 24, 2015

Actually that EX Hadoken which doesn't do hard knockdown is way better than Ryu's since it can be comboed though FADC into ultra 1 or 2 with full cinematic both. Ryu's EX Hadoken can only be FADC into Ultra 1. Though if you fast enough you can FADC normal Hadoken into Ultra 2 for both Ken and Ryu.


Arcadiac posted November 15, 2014


gibgun posted November 18, 2014

ALWAYS raw Ultra 1 on wake-up the moment you get it.

Santaclaus posted November 16, 2014

Tbh, without ken's Karathrow listed one can not rank one of his strongest and most important tools


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