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USF4 > Juri > Super - Super and Ultras

Juri's Super Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Fuharenjin

Super a.k.a. Fuharenjin
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Hard knockdown
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TheAlmightyVox posted November 17, 2014

Pretty much useless. The only real use for this Super is as a combo ender, and the damage you get from it is fairly low. Use of this Super also costs Juri all her meter, meaning she has no legitimate reversal for some time afterwards. Should only ever be used if it is certain to give you the win.

Voidstar posted November 17, 2014

As far as supers go, this one is pretty good. It does a solid 370 damage and Juri has several ways to combo into it both in the corner and midscreen, from both her normal combo enders, from air-to-air MP, and from a couple of tech baits. You do need to know which version to use in which situation, as LK / MK / HK each starts at a different distance. As far as using all her meter, Juri's reversals even with meter are pretty lackluster. If this super doesn't kill, you should have time to store a couple fireballs and reset your zoning, or activate U1 and go to town.


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