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USF4 > Juri > Neutral Jump Heavy Kick - Normal Moves

Juri's Neutral Jump Heavy Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4

Neutral Jump Heavy Kick
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Snack posted November 21, 2014

A solid defensive move, Juri splits her legs in midair. What makes it a good move compared to others is the fact that it hits on both sides, so if a move or dash goes underneath you, you can still hit them. Also, it should be said that if you do a diagonal dash off of an EX Counter and use Heavy Kick, this is the move that will come out as opposed to a diagonal jumping heavy kick, so you can use this move to cross up in that situation as well. The main downside is it doesn't have a lot of active frames (only 4) so you have to use this move at the right time or else Juri will return to neutral jumping.

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