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USF4 > Juri > Far Standing Heavy Kick - Normal Moves

Juri's Far Standing Heavy Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4

Far Standing Heavy Kick
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TheRiceJourney posted February 15, 2016

Juri's best friend against grapplers (the satisfaction of Gief eating a roundhouse to the face will never fade) utilized in conjunction with her fireballs to keep them at bay.
Its decent damage and range is offset by considerably slow startup. There's also quite a lot of pushback on this move, both on hit and block; best used to assert your space in the footsie war.

howdahurdaguy posted December 11, 2014

This normal is pretty good at controlling space. I usually throw this move out after a fireball release or while walking backwards to test my opponents defense. and if i catch them trying to jump they'll be reset so i'd go for another to keep them grounded. This normal is very susceptible to focus so i recommend using it until it's punished hard.

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