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USF4 > Juri > Diagonal Jump Medium Punch - Normal Moves

Juri's Diagonal Jump Medium Punch Ultra Street Fighter 4

Diagonal Jump Medium Punch
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IcyKnee posted November 21, 2014

This move is also special cancellable into her dive kick. This adds additional options as far as comboing into her Ultra 2. After hitting it air to air you can cancel into EX dive kick(followed by multiple presses of a kick button to get all the hits) and follow it up with ultra 2 or EX pinwheel.
As a jump in, cancelling this move into dive kick or EX dive kick opens up some options as well. Canceling into any version of the dive kick leave the opponent in a juggle state. You'll be able to hit a good number of her moves as a follow up, most notably Ultra 2 or a fireball charge. Hitting EX pinwheel(with follow up kicks) air to ground allows you to combo into Ultra 2 and EX pinwheel as well.
Note that if diagonal jump medium punch hits an opponent high, cancelling into dive kick will whiff and go right over them. It's better to wait a split second and hit them lower on the character model. Having said that, limit this move as a fireball punish as it will be easier to anti air with the (albeit small) increase of air time.

IcyKnee posted November 21, 2014

This is Juri's best air to air option as it comes out fairly quick, has decent active frames, and most importantly, leaves your opponent in a juggle state. Once this move hits you can follow up with virtually all of Juri's other attacks, including Ultra 2 and her super.
Her air to air jump towards medium punch > jump towards medium pumch > standing heavy punch > light kick pinwheel kick combo does a pretty decent amount of damage for no meter. You can substitute the pinwheel kick to charge a fireball for a setup afterwards.
Diagonal jump medium punch is one of Juri's best buttons as it can lead to big damage and can be followed up my almost all of Juri's moves. Getting in the habit of using this button during any air to air situation is paramount to Juri's success, getting big damage and set ups just by meeting your opponent in the air.

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