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Juri's Crouching Medium Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4

Crouching Medium Kick
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alx38130 posted November 29, 2014

Heya fellow Spiderling fighters.

The cr.MK of Juri, to be honest, is to be considered like your savior, the ALMIGHTY CROUCH MEDIUM KICK.

I'm not a pro player, far from that , and maybe that's what makes this advice useful to the newbies around the words.

1 - First, Cr.MK is your poking solution thanks to its unlimited range. If you play the Zoning-Juri, use this once your opponent has got too close to Fuhajin.

2 - The main use of your crouch MK is to be combo'ed at it's the main special cancellable of Juri.
Cr.MK-> Fuhajin store
Cr.Mk->Fuhajin release does work i think.
Cr.MK->Senpusha (any senpusha)

You can even Cr.MK ->Special Parry but has really no use.

3 - When you really start to know the opponents and their attacks, you can use Cr.MK to dodge some hits, become it will "shrink" or "lower" Juri's hurtboxes and let you get under some attacks (not the hadoken, dont mistake urself) and let you get the advantage of opening the opponent's guard because of your really long active frames ( in duration and visually long).

If you want a comparison for this move, you can compare it to a Ryu's Cr.MK with a bit more range.

Hope it helped.


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