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Juri's Overhead Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Sekku

Overhead a.k.a. Sekku
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Tips for Juri's Overhead
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howdahurdaguy posted December 11, 2014

If the opponent isn't reversal happy, use this after a jump in for a mix up. A lot of players tend to throw after an overhead, you can use throw yourself but there are more more options.

If you're close after the overhead you can do either or cl.hp to punish throw attempts, but the possibility to be thrown is still there. Or go for an option select throw for a high-low mix up.

An inta-air lk. or ex dive kick is another option after her overhead, which on hit it could lead to a super or ultra, and on block is still relatively safe.

However, I recommend back dashing after using her overhead since it would avoid most normals and could bait your opponent into doing something reckless.

Voidstar posted November 17, 2014

This overhead is really slow to start up and the airborne frames don't start for a while either. It can go over low attacks if timed right, but it's -2 on block and only +2 on hit so you don't get much out of it.

That changes when Feng Shui Engine (Ultra 1) is active, though. This move becomes +6 on hit which allows you to link after it and continue to combo, and the ability to chain into this move negates a bit of the start up time.

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