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Hugo Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Hugo Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 1,100Stun: 1,100 Tier Ranking: 42nd
Popularity: 37th SF4 Tiers

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U4iA27 posted November 21, 2014

Hugo is grappler who relies heavily on footies and cornering his opponents to then utilize his uniquely long ranged normals in tandem with his back breaker to control their movements. Due to his excessively large size and slow movement this is easier said than done though.

His go to normals during footsies are st.jab,,, and Jp.fp (yes Jp.fp more on that in a bit). and in particular are important mid screen as each serves a particular purpose. Each has the farthest range of Hugo's normals with acceptable frame data (starting up in 6 & 10f while being -2 and -7 on block respectively) at max range they are relatively safe depending on the matchup. into jab clap is the go to during footsies while gives you the all important KD to help inch your way closer to your opponents. Upon further inspection has a bit more range than Your first goal is to learn to place yourself at this max range to and throw it out sparingly as you catch on to your opponents tendencies during the ground game. It is surprisingly good at catching whiffed attacks. When far away from your opponent hugo can still land some huge damage from long distances. This is where Jp.fp comes in. It can hit from about half screen away with one jump in. Of course you will need to mix in some empty jumps as well to both avoid being predictable and to setup punish scenarios from Anti Air attempts.

Hugo has a few other tricks and unique attributes in his arsenal to both help him work as a char and to corner his opponents. One such move is his meat squasher command grab. Starting up in 8 frames it's deceptively quick once you have your opponents conditioned to pay attention to his normals during footsies. This one grab runs your opponent into the corner where Hugo truly shines. becomes a useful tool here to punish whiffed normals during footsies depending on the matchup. One unique trait only Hugo has is in his st.fp. It has 1 hit of armor which can absorb a hit and still come out. This can be used as an anti air when you don't have meter or can't react fast enough to input back breaker.

Both of his ultras are equally effective and each serve their purpose depending on individual players playstyle. The only thing I can say specifically is U2 is more useful against chars who are strong in the air or have floaty jumps. But can be setup with ultra throw as well.


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