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Stamina: 950Stun: 900 Tier Ranking: 16th
Popularity: 15th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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meistermayo posted November 21, 2014

Guile is a zoning character who relies on cool play and punishment. His only two specials are Sonic Boom and Flash Kick, and they are the only ones he needs, making him a great first character alongside Ryu. Guile has a wide array of command normals with all of their own uses, and a flashy command taunt to top it all off.
Guile's main strategy is focused around his Sonic Boom. Building meter, keeping the opponent out, and punishing hasty jump ins. If he can get his opponent into the corner, his Boom becomes a pressuring combo tool, due to its fast recovery.
Guile can (in the case of players like NuckleDu) be a more hotheaded character, but one must always remember to calm down and stick to the basics to ensure victory, as many of Guile's attacks are not the best.

jagbanna posted January 14, 2015

I've been playing Guile for about 3 months and I can't seem to connect 2 combos that I'm having trouble executing.
1. L Flash Kick to Ultra 1 (flash Explosion)
2. Flash Kick -> FADC to ultra 1.

Please help can anyone provide me advice, tips and input information to execute this combos properly.
Fyi I use a fightstick
Thank you

alitkoie posted December 7, 2014

i like

floorwalker posted November 26, 2014

When he's knocked down in the corner and you notice the fake cross up light kick, block the kick as a cross up then immediately switch block positions to normal. Also, to avoid hard knockdown setups, switch between delayed wakeup and non-delayed wakeup. If a shoto like Ryu knocks Guile down, they either go for a safe jump or cross up tatsu. In this situation, if Ryu goes for a cross up tatsu, most players back up at a distance beforehand. Low forward on wakeup dodges the tatsu and gives Guile a free throw opportunity.

Against divekick characters excluding Seth: Divekicks can be blocked on crouch. If you can predict the divekick coming on wakeup, continue charging, block it, and apply a flash kick FADC to get them off you. The same applies to Ibuki's kunai, but apply FK FADCs unexpectedly. If they get up close and apply pressure, you can try pressing crouch fierce and throw simultaneously to prevent another divekick from attacking Guile. But be aware, frametraps can counterhit it and also Cammy can Ex divekick through it as well. There is another option to avoid pressure, which is plinking crouch strong with throw. But yet again, that option can get beat by meaty counterhits so be aware. Sometimes it's better to take the throw rather than eating a full combo off a divekick. For other escape options, you can try jumping back (but please don't jump back in the corner unless you know you got the read) or backdashing. Guile's backdash isn't all that great, but it can help him avoid counterhit setups and/or throws. That leads to another thing, AVOID CROUCH TECH HABITS! It's devastating when an opponent figures out that you like to press buttons to avoid the throw, and instead they get you with a big combo.

Along with Dhalsim, Guile has one of his main weaknesses, which is getting focus attacked up close. Guile doesn't have any fast two hit normals, which can be frustrating. When Guile blocks a focus, it's basically a 50/50 situation. However, he can stop focuses with flash kick when he's charged of course. He can use Ex sonic booms if the opponent a little farther from safe focus range. And if the opponent is too close while focusing, he can just throw him. Mix up Guile's pokes so he won't get focused as often!

floorwalker posted November 26, 2014

Ok, these are tips to help Guile's defense game.

What people usually do while being pressured, is to continue crouching. But there's another defensive option, which is simply walking backwards after blocking the first couple of hits. This creates a little bit of a gap to avoid throws and for Guile to apply far standing fierce, crouch strong, and crouch forward pokes. Just be aware that he can still get kara thrown during the first frames of his walking animation.

While chucking booms, please be aware of your positioning. This applies to all keep away characters, try to STAY CENTER. Don't walk yourself in the corner, but instead switch up Guile's crouching and standing positions, he has enough good buttons to keep out the opponent. Bait the opponent to jump in or do a move that goes through projectiles. Also, please avoid getting swept at all costs; try to keep distant away from sweeps and whiff punish with either stand roundhouse, low forward, or his own sweep. The same applies to slides as well.

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