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USF4 > Fei Long > Rekka Ken - Special Moves

Fei Long's Rekka Ken Ultra Street Fighter 4

Rekka Ken
7.3 of 10
4.4 of 10
3.8 of 10
Soft knockdown
EX Rekka Ken
9.8 of 10
8.8 of 10
4.4 of 10
Soft knockdown
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Jaaj301 posted November 16, 2014

One of the best special moves in the game, and arguably Fei's best poking tool. Ex version is often regarded as THE single best special move in the game.

The priority and range of this attack is incredibly good, it does great damage when all 3 hits connect and has an absurd amount of corner carry.

In Ultra SF4, the light version has seen a nerf to its range and to its blockstun, making the first hit -5 when blocked. This has made the medium version the preferred choice at mid-range, especially when fishing for whiff punishes. It will out-range a TON of moves, so use this often.

The light version is still preferred at close range though because of how fast and safe it is when spaced correctly, and the fact that it's self-hit-confirmable into 140+ damage makes it a very strong option against players who keep pressing buttons.

The hard version is often too slow and unsafe to use it as a poke, but it's also the most damaging version so it's perfect for punishes.

The EX version has basically all the qualities of each of the three version, but none of their flaws. It has the range of the medium version, the startup of the light version, does more damage than the hard version, and it is COMPLETELY SAFE ON BLOCK.

DK_Brawler posted November 27, 2014

Since the range and recovery nerf on his first rekkaken, you can't throw these out on most ranges anymore (EX being the best way to get in and apply some decent chip or get a hit series into corner carry.) A great way to frame trap the opponent is to mix in your 2nd/3rd rekka if you condition them to only look out for the first one. It's a great combo ender but not an abusable poke anymore.

supmg posted November 21, 2014

The ex is also a great way to fight your way out of the corner, or to keep the opponent in the corner. If you find yourself cornered, on hit the ex will push the opponent full screen so you can walk yourself to a better part of the screen. On block its a great way to give you some more room out of the corner due to how safe it is. For people who have a hard time dealing with the 2nd hit of ex rekka, remember fei long may be safe of block but he is still at a 1 frame disadvantage. This means if the fei player likes using non invincible moves immediately after the 2nd ex rekka, you can either normal grab him or counter hit with jab. Fei can beat these options obviously, but dont let him get away with doing the same option over and over again after ex rekkas.

Jake_da_Thrilla posted November 18, 2014

It should be noticed that EX Rekkas can negate fireballs with the flames on Fei's arms. However, this is a pretty risky way to get close to the opponent, so use caution if using the move for this propose.

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