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USF4 > Fei Long > Flame Kick - Special Moves

Fei Long's Flame Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Shienkyaku

Flame Kick a.k.a. Shienkyaku
6.2 of 10
Limited juggle
Partial invincibility
Soft knockdown
EX Flame Kick a.k.a. EX Shienkyaku
7 of 10
Limited juggle
Soft knockdown
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tupo888 posted November 28, 2014

If you against such as Seth,Cammy,E.Ryu,Akuma,Gouken divekick you need accuracy input DP,because the sixth frame of the DP has a huge hurt box can't anti air(except EX DP)

supmg posted November 21, 2014

Of the ex flame kick, fei long gets a very easy safe jump opportunity. If the opponent quick rises, just jump in hard kick.

Jaaj301 posted November 16, 2014

Fei's great dp.

It's a pretty straight-forward move, it does everything you would expect from a dp, and it does it well.

It has a fast startup (5 frames) and it's fully invincible until the move becomes active, it does good damage by itself and leads to even more damaging combos on FADC.

It's very reliable as an anti-air, it rarely trades and even if it does, you still get the full damage AND a free chicken-wing followup.

The hard version is the most damaging on paper, however the second hit of the move sometimes whiffs, doing poor damage. The medium version solves this problem being only one hit, so you always get full damage regardless. Only use the hard version if you're sure you're gonna get a clean hit.

The EX version doesn't add anything special apart from damage, so it's usually worth spending the meter to finish off the opponent.

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