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USF4 > Fei Long > Red Focus Attack - Normal Moves

Fei Long's Red Focus Attack Ultra Street Fighter 4

Red Focus Attack
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Tips for Fei Long's Red Focus Attack
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supmg posted November 22, 2014

The best moves for fei long to cancel with red focus as close standing hard punch, close standing medium punch, and close standing hard kick as you will have enough time to combo into the crumple.

fei long red focus doesnt have the same utility as say yun or dudley, but it does add something to fei longs game. The best time to use is to add more damage to you close standing hard punch punish. For example, normally you would punish a blocked zangief green hand with close standing hard punch canceled into rekkas. If you have three bars and ultra when this happens, you should cancel the close standing hard punch with red focus, crumple your opponent, and land ultra. You should net at least 400+ damage.

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