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USF4 > Fei Long > Crouching Medium Punch - Normal Moves

Fei Long's Crouching Medium Punch Ultra Street Fighter 4

Crouching Medium Punch
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supmg posted November 21, 2014

this is arguable fei long best poke (with cr. medium kick, cr. hard punch, and far st. punch being contenders). The move has great range, has fast startup (4 frames), and leaves fei long at +5 on hit and +2 on block. On counter hit, you can link into light, ex rekkas, or cr. hard punch. The move can also be used to set up frame trap setups, as well as tick grab setup ups with normal grab or tenshin, and can be used as a hit confirm into cr. light punch canceled into rekka. It can even be used as a hit confirm into another cr. medium punch, cr. medium kick, or into super. This move has lots of utility in fei long's game. Mastering when and when not to use this move is central to any good fei longs players game


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