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USF4 > Fei Long > Close Standing Medium Punch - Normal Moves

Fei Long's Close Standing Medium Punch Ultra Street Fighter 4

Close Standing Medium Punch
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supmg posted November 21, 2014

Close medium punch is a fast normal that leaves fei long at a considerable advantage on block and hit (+7 and +3 respectively). This move is best used as a meaty attack on a opponents wakeup, as an attack after a jump in, and after a level 2 focus dash in. On hit, it is a very easy hit confirm as you have a huge window of time to link into a combo such as jab rekka. You can even link a flame kick or even light rekka of this move, so you dont have to commit to canceling this normal. You can also combo into sweep from this move to set up an untechable knockdown. Due to its advantage on block, this is another move that can be used to set up frame traps with other other normals. Also because this move doesnt push the opponent to far back on block, you can tick an ex tenshin after close medium punch (DO NOT CANCEL THE CLOSE MEDIUM PUNCH). do to the options this move gives fei long, you can keep you opponent guessing what you will do after a blocked close medium punch.

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