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Evil Ryu Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Evil Ryu Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 900Stun: 900 Tier Ranking: 2nd
Popularity: 5th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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xamd posted November 23, 2014

Quick overview:

Play lame, use fireballs and normals. Learn when to throw a fireball and when not to.

Go into training, grind out getting used to doing xx Hadouken FADC cl.hp xx mk Axe Kick, jab xx lk Tatsu, hp Shoryuken

Set the AI to jump at you, get used to using DP to anti-air. Your cr.hp sucks compared to other shotos.

Don't abuse, it whiffs most of the time and you're wide open.

You can combo after an overhead. Learn the link to

Meter should be saved for FADC combos. DP FADC into hk Axe Kick gives a hard knockdown, use it on anti-airs or wake ups if you get a good read. gets over lows and can be kara cancelled, getting you even closer for a deadly axe kick combo. This can be great, but be careful with your spacing. How to kara: do qcf, plink mk with hp. E.Ryu should slide forward a bit.
You can also kara dp by doing forward, qcf plink mk with either lp or hp. is also hit confirmable, you can cancel it extremely late. Go into training and set the dummy to random block.

Ex Tatsu recovers extremely fast, if you want, you can xx ex tatsu and get away with it regardless.

Ex Tatsu gives you a free ultra 1 in the corner

Good luck and have fun!


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