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El Fuerte Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

El Fuerte Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 900Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 33rd
Popularity: 42nd Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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KingSolomun posted March 23, 2015

Ello! Seeing as there is really no solid info on how exactly to play this character other than frame data and players such as Pepeday, Spab Rog, or Pro Fluke, I thought I'd give some advice on players looking to pick up the Master Chef. (Before we get started I will say that this overview will be somewhat hypocritical as I don't really
Believe you can teach this character but I'm trying to anyway.) :p

Pros to El Fuerte:
• IMO the BEST neutral in the game
•Pretty simple execution wise (other than RSF)
•While everY character has bad matchups his aren't as bad compared to characters( except for a few)
•You do not have to play strictly to the rules like most other characters
•One of the few characters with a LEGITIMATE mix-up game
•His EX Q-Bomb as of this writing is fantastic
•Ridicously Fun :3

Cons to EL Fuerte
•Realize That you Are not blocking almost 90% Of the match
•^ Due to this your defensive game will probably suffer
•^ Due to no.#1 you must react to EVERYTHING your opponent does, El Fuerte does have the health to challenge any character in this game (maybe Yang)
• As I have found lately it is very difficult to play another character and juggle El Fuerte at the same time, he has no footsies, his "reversals" are all risky even Q-Bomb, many of his moves only hit once so focus attacks are a problem, walk up and throw is a legit tactic against also.
• Many people hate this character because of his "brain dead" play style (they have no idea what they are talking about) it'd be different if he was insanely good....but he's not. You WILL encounter more disrespect in a match than any other character and you have to take it most of the time. Just remember that your playing a character who is thinking about every option in fractions of a second, and your opponent is most likely wondering when to cr.forward fireball.
•His pressure is..... Practically non-existent, like I said before his main moves only hit once so if you do get the hit then it starts all over again on finding the next hit.
•His Ultras are punishes NOT REVERSALS, it's Very easy to avoid them.
• Characters with rekkas (Fei-Long, Poison, Rolento, Yang etc.) or just very offensive (Yun, Rufus, etc.) Are very difficult to fight as you can not run around as mutch.

Afrobliss posted November 23, 2014

Fuerte is a master of mind games in being able to continually mix your opponents up over and over with his flurry of Habanero Dashes. Fuerte can't do large chunks of damage at a time outside of Ultras and a damaging but difficult combo in his infamous RSF (Run, Stop, Fierce), so defeating opponents will often be a slow process, chipping away at life hit by hit. And then, if your opponent hits you, Fuerte will fold like a tortilla. Many opponents find themselves annoyed due to the constant movements and sounds thus applying even more pressure to the opponent so if you like a champ who never stops, dont hesitate to pick up this awesome Luchadore. For starters, try watching Pepeday, a current El Fuerte master.


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