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USF4 > Elena > Rhino Horn - Special Moves

Elena's Rhino Horn Ultra Street Fighter 4

Rhino Horn
4.6 of 10
Juggle state
Limited juggle
EX Rhino Horn
5.8 of 10
Juggle state
Limited juggle
Projectile invincibility
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Tips for Elena's Rhino Horn
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soulsatellite posted October 17, 2015

MK and HK rhino horn allow for a U1 follow up on Yang, Yun, T. Hawk, and Hakan. HK rhino horn (best used after a crumple) allows for a U1 follow up against a number of characters, Seth being one of them. This needs more testing.

apocalipsus posted November 17, 2014

This attack will whiff on every crouching enemy (at least to my experience). Should be used on combos and, on crazy ocassions, as a "getting near your enemy fast".
The ex version is almost fulls screan and will go trough fireballs, very good against players who spam fireballs all the time.
A decent combo I (personally) like to do is: HP Mallet Smasher (hits high)->c.LP->LK Rhino Horn-> Ex-Scratch Wheel (requires some timing)- around 250-300 damage on a really easy combo


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