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USF4 > Elena > Mallet Smash - Special Moves

Elena's Mallet Smash Ultra Street Fighter 4

Mallet Smash
7 of 10
Limited juggle
EX Mallet Smash
8.2 of 10
Limited juggle
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Tips for Elena's Mallet Smash
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keebler posted November 20, 2014

Mallet Smash is Elena's most important special move. It is one of the cornerstones to her high/low mixup game. The various versions differ on startup, damage, and hit/block stun. All versions hit twice to break focus, and all versions are airborne for a series of frames. While mallets can hop over many low kick normals, most low punch normals can interrupt it.

LP and MP mallet start up in 21 and 25 frames, respectively. LP mallet on hit is +0, meaning you cannot combo after it and it is essentially a standalone overhead. At 110 damage, the LP mallet does not offer much benefit compared to her 12f at 50 damage. LP mallet is also an extremely punishable -7. Mp mallet is not much better. The slower startup nets only 10 more damage than LP mallet at 120 total. On hit, it is +3, allowing for a 1f link into cr.lp. On block, it is -5, which is still rather punishable. In most cases, LP and MP mallet won't be your best option.

HP Mallet is very slow, clocking in at a 27f startup. For your efforts, you get 130 damage and 140 stun. On block, HP mallet is -1, making it relatively safe and good for pressure. On hit, Hp mallet rewards you with a very welcoming +6. This allows you a 2f link into, which can lead into several damaging combos. Your success with landing HP mallet will directly correlate into how well you train your opponent to block low, as the HP mallet is rather easy to react to.

Ex Mallet is arguably Elena's most important attack. At only 15f for startup, it is as fast as Dudley's Dart Shot overhead. This speed is not something you can frequently react to, but it is possible to react to Elena's yellow Ex flash. It will provide 80 damage, 100 stun, and on hit it is +4. This provides a 2f link into cr.lp. Ex mallet can be comboed into off of most of her heavier hitting normals, basically anything special-cancellable besides cr.lp. The most important two are and xx Ex mallet is an excellent tool to cancel off a low. xx ex mallet is great for both whiff punishing and footsies, and for extending your combo strings. The only issue is that on block, it is -4. This is punishable by anyone close enough to elena to punish with a 3 or 4 frame attack, and most notably, a shoto shoryuken. Be aware of your opponent's reversal options before throwing these attacks liberally, as they will be using up the majority of your ex bars.

Please note that all mallets can whiff when done point blank. Generally, an opponent needs to be approximately three light normals worth of crouching jabs to be assured in not crossing up and whiffing. This shouldn't be an issue in most combos, but it is something to note when attempting a raw mallet up close.

Your success with mallet will correlate with your ability to mix up the opponent with lynx tail,, her slide, and throw.


apocalipsus posted November 17, 2014

It is possible to link a c.lp after a HP Mallet Smash.
The ex-mallet smash is really fast and hard to defend, after it, it's also possible to land a c.lp to continue with some combos


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