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USF4 > Elena > Lynx Tail - Special Moves

Elena's Lynx Tail Ultra Street Fighter 4

Lynx Tail
7 of 10
Hard knockdown
Soft knockdown
EX Lynx Tail
7.4 of 10
Limited juggle
Soft knockdown
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Tips for Elena's Lynx Tail
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keebler posted November 20, 2014

Proper use of lynx tail is what separates the novice and predictable Elena players from the more deadly and frustrating players. Lynx tail is a mixup in itself depending on which version you use, and training people to fear it is what opens up the opponent to mallet smashes.

Lk Lynx provides only 60 damage, but is the safest version on block at -7. This is still punishable even when spaced out by characters with a good sweep. It is a single hit that leads to soft knockdown. If the opponent doesn't quick rise, certain safejumps are possible. Generally, this will be used to end blockstrings to keep them blocking low and training that fear of the low.

Mk lynx provides 130 damage and is used similarly to lk lynx, but it hits twice. Mix these in sparingly to catch people standing after the first hit. The two hits can also break focus.

Hk lynx also gives 130 damage, but hits 4 times and does two sweeps. Mixing up Hk lynx with the two weaker variations will keep opponents guessing, as they will often get hit by the second round of sweeps. Once you have them blocking low anticipating the second set, you can go back to Mk lynx into an immediate, ex mallet, throw, etc. Note that Hk lynx is -13, so do not overly rely on it. Many characters can punish with ultra. It's better to train the lynx mixup game early in the match before ultra is built so you can rely on the safer variations later. It also leads to hard knockdown, and can be used for meaty setups, such as hk lynx, immediate lk lynx, overhead into cr.lp combo.

Hk Lynx is excellent for FADC. Doing FADC off the second hit nets +19 on hit and +5 on block, which is incredible. FADC ultra is a simple option. The best option is to combo into s.hp on standing opponents, which is also special cancellable, leading to loops. s.hp combos lead to high damage and stun, easily netting near 400 dmg or more.

Ex lynx gets 100 damage, but leads to a juggle state. Ultra 1 is a good option here. Ex lynx is also good to mix in if the opponent is solely using the yellow flash to block a high ex mallet. The final hit has good pushback, and at -9, many characters will have trouble doing a meaningful punish.

Please note that lynx tails reverse dp motion does not allow for shortcuts like most dp's.


apocalipsus posted November 17, 2014

A good move that needs to be blocked low.
Most normals can cancel into any version of this move.
The HK Lynx Tail will hard knockback the enemy (on the final hit) giving the chance for some setups.
The HK Lynx Tail can also be canceld after the first 2 hits into a FADC or a Super.
The EX-Lynx Tail will juggle the opponent allowing for a (strict timing) ultra 2 (Dirty Dancing)

apocalipsus posted November 17, 2014

How in the world did i got the Ultra wrong :( It's Ultra 1 Brave Dance


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