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USF4 > Elena > Crouching Light Punch - Normal Moves

Elena's Crouching Light Punch Ultra Street Fighter 4

Crouching Light Punch
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keebler posted November 20, 2014

Elena has one of the most powerful 3f normals in the game with her cr.lp, and it is all because of the reach. This normal is as frustrating to deal with as boxer's low jab, and can be used to pressure and hit-confirm similarly to Dictator's low short. The only thing keeping it from being overpowered is that she cannot do a true blockstring with it, so she can be reversal dp'd out of it if she is spamming it predictably.

This move can be combo'd into from her, and it can be linked into her into cr.lp is a 1f link, and so is cr.lp into Execution is important with Elena.

Crouching Lp is powerful due to the sheer amount of moves that you cannot normally punish as easily with other characters 3f moves. Moves such as max range blanka slide and a Cody blockstring into a -4 LP criminal upper are not safe against elena, and are relatively easy to confirm into a spin scythe, which of course can also lead to a U2 healing.

Learn to abuse this move in an intelligent manner. Many characters have to abandon some of their usual approach options altogether due to this move's far-reaching punish ability alone.

apocalipsus posted November 21, 2014

As keebler sayed this is a really impressive move and it can be linked after a HP Mallet Smasher (or an EX Mallet Smasher) to continue with some combos.

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