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USF4 > Dudley > Thunderbolt - Special Moves

Dudley's Thunderbolt Ultra Street Fighter 4

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Hard knockdown
EX Thunderbolt
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Hard knockdown
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Tips for Dudley's Thunderbolt
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Mestizo3 posted November 17, 2014

During a full animation ultra 2 hold down, then do the shortcut df,d,df to do a lp jet upper immediately after the ultra animation ends (you're keeping the down charge by doing the shortcut), then hold up and hit HK for a thunderbolt right after the jet upper for a crossup HK thunderbolt that nobody ever blocks the first time.

ShindoSlash posted November 27, 2014

One little known use for this move is punishing projectiles at full screen with the EX version. This will work on reaction against slow startup projectiles with slow recoveries. Most players will not be expecting Dudley to be able to punish projectile usage at the distance this can without him having Ultra 1.

cliffeside posted November 16, 2014

only use for chipping, trolling and escaping situations where you don't really wanna block. thank you based 9f invincibility.

ps- regular versions are 9f strike invincible, ex is 9f full. might wanna update that.

Spaghetti_Time posted November 16, 2014

Non-ex versions can cross up opponents with the right spacing.

EX version deals a tremendous amount of chip damage and tracks the enemy until Dudley starts spinning downward.

All versions are FADCable on landing, regardless of hit, miss or block.

Very high recovery, use VERY sparingly if at all.

B00Mget0wned12 posted November 16, 2014

This may sound extremely gimmicky but might able to net you those few wins.

If used in conjunction with U1 you can use MK thunderbolt to cross up the opponent after the ultra.

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