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USF4 > Dudley > Short Swing Blow - Special Moves

Dudley's Short Swing Blow Ultra Street Fighter 4

Short Swing Blow
5.7 of 10
Juggle state
Partial invincibility
Soft knockdown
EX Short Swing Blow
7 of 10
Juggle state
Soft knockdown
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Tips for Dudley's Short Swing Blow
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sorryman321 posted November 17, 2014

If you FADC a SSB in the corner, you can combo into Ultra 2 with the animation. This is a bit difficult to pull of but is good to to know should the opportunity present itself.

B00Mget0wned12 posted November 16, 2014

Great move if you are up against a grappler character. If you can read when they are going to be using their command grab and use this move you can limit one of their options.

If you have red focus and manage to land a SSB on a grab happy Zangief I would recommend you use it you can get big damage combos or setups. Also this will teach your opponent to never try to throw you again if have three bars and more.

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