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USF4 > Dudley > Rose Throw - Command Normals

Dudley's Rose Throw Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Victory Rose

Rose Throw a.k.a. Victory Rose
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Tips for Dudley's Rose Throw
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PlasmaWaffle posted December 2, 2014

Dudley's Rose Throw only does 1 damage. As such, it has very limited use, but can still be useful nonetheless.

After getting a hard knockdown in the corner, you can throw it to keep your opponent from jumping - if they try to jump on when waking up, they will get hit by the rose and be kept in the corner, as it hits as an anti-air attack.

The only other time you will want to use this (other than as a taunt) is if your opponent appears to have no health and you want to end the match in a very flashy way.


ShotoSurgery posted November 22, 2014

Dudley's taunt is unique in the way that it actually gives of damage, and considering this, you can create interesting mix-ups.
another thing you can do with this taunt is that if your opponent, with low health, has resorted to only throwing fireballs, you can end the match by using your taunt.


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