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Dudley Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Dudley Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 1,050Stun: 1,050 Tier Ranking: 20th
Popularity: 8th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

Normal Moves

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U4iA27 posted December 6, 2014

Dudley is all about getting in close and applying pressure in the form of frame traps and/or whiff punishes. Dudley greatest strength lies in his ability to punish his opponents fiercely for every mistake they make. He sports arguably some of the most devastating punish combos in this game. One of the most common ones, st.rh, jet upper alone does 308 which is insane. But in exchange for such power he has a glaring weakness that will become immediately apparent once you get a few games in. his mid to long range game is pretty much nonexistent. due to this fact you're going to have to get a bit creative when it comes to playing footsies especially when facing against opponents with very good low attacks such as Evil Ryu as these types of chars will be your hardest match ups.

his best normals during footsies is cr.lp,,,st.fp,st.rh, and f.fp. Be careful with f.fp in particular as it can be focused and punished hard. use it sparingly in tandem with st.fp and during the mid range game. is a normal who's max range you'll want to get used to during footsies as it will give you a hard KD allowing dudley to close in and go to work. his f.rh overhead is one of the most useful and best overheads in the game as it is comboable into st.lp, cr.lp (both 2f links) as well as, and st.rh (the last 3 being 1f links and is char specific).lastly his go to AA normal is

also unique to dudley is his many target combos which all can be comboed into super and/or (red) focus but not into specials. the only TC's cancelable into specials is f.lp, and, another important aspect to playing dudley is frame traps. A frame trap being a set of normals that leave little to no room for retaliation between attacks i.e. into st.rh leaves only 1f gap for the opponent to respond with an attack but since the fastest attacks are 3f this means they would get hit out of whatever button they tried to press. but be careful as this doesn't apply to moves that are inv from the 1st frame like ex dp etc.

heres a list of frame traps to get you started along with the frame gap they leave:
st.lp,st.rh - 1f gap,st.rh - 1f gap, - 1f gap,st.rh - 1f gap

his special moves are generally used to end combos with the exception of 2. ducking (by itself) and short swing blow. ducking is a good means of approach up until mid range depending on the opponents range as it has good horizontal movement and also avoids fireballs and short swing blow has throw inv so its good for blowing up cr. techs. machine gun blow and jet upper are your combo enders. super is as well but his ex MGB and ducking are so good theres no point in saving the meter especially since ex jet upper is dudleys only inv reversal for wake up situations.

as for his ultras ultra 1 is good against fireball chars and ultra 2 is good for just about everyone else.


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