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Dee Jay Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Dee Jay Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 1,000Stun: 1,000 Tier Ranking: 43rd
Popularity: 35th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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ShadowBlade1326 posted February 25, 2015

Despite what the tier lists say, Dee Jay is still a formidable opponent and a viable character if you understand how to use him.

Learn to love his Knee Shot (down LK in midair) command normal. It has a pretty high hitbox, along with a quick startup and quite a few active frames, meaning you can use it to stuff jump-ins pretty effectively. More importantly, it lowers the arc of your jump, meaning you land and recover more quickly. Use it to hop over rushdown attacks like Rog's Dash Punches or Fei's Rekkas, then attack before they can recover. It also lets you do safe jumps to bait attacks, so keep that in mind. Overall, this is a great move to have in your arsenal.

His cr. MK is a quick sweep. It comes out pretty fast and has a fair amount of reach on it, so try to use it to give yourself some breathing room.

His far standing MK has a nice amount of reach on it, making it prime for pokes. It also hits twice, so throw it out if you sense a Focus Attack coming.

His LK Rolling Sobat has the shortest range and hits only once, but it comes out the quickest and is the only version outside of EX that knocks you down. I believe the latest patch restored its lower-body invincibility on its startup frames, so keep this in mind as well. Use this as an effective combo-ender.

Dee Jay's Up Kicks are decent anti-airs, but you run the risk of overshooting your opponent if you time them incorrectly.

I happen to think that Dee Jay's EX specials are some of the best in the game. His EX Sobat passes through fireballs on its startup frames, and it travels very far very quickly. You can juggle off of an EX MGU, which makes it great to use for corner traps. His EX Air Slasher has him throw out two in succession; use it to bait out jumps. His EX Up Kick is a beautiful anti-air technique that also does a pretty nice chunk of damage.

His Supers and Ultras are nothing to really write home about; I wouldn't use them unless I know for a fact I can connect with them. If you can connect with his Sobat Carnival, and you have Ultra meter stored, I'd go ahead and cancel into his Sobat Festival Ultra if you selected that one. I think he's the only character in the game who can do this.

As I mentioned before, spacing is really important when playing Dee Jay. Do not mash anything with him. His normals come out slower than most other characters, which makes him very vulnerable to frame trapping. Give yourself some space so you hit either on or close to the last active frames of his attacks as much as possible.

He can actually be played either defensively or offensively. If you want to apply pressure, use your Knee Shot to force your opponent back against the wall, then work some MGUs into your combos to pour on the damage. If you want to play defensively, stay far enough back to keep yourself just out of reach, but not too far back. You don't have many options to close distance easily that don't involve burning meter, so watch yourself.

ThatTiger25 posted December 27, 2014

I thought that all of Dee Jays moves in Omega Mode were Spin-Joystick. I'm still not sure.

sorryman321 posted November 27, 2014

On that last step during the dash press down forward then before the dash ends, jump fierce.

sorryman321 posted November 27, 2014

I don't know if this will help anyone, but I have been trying to do Dee Jay's dash into ultra 2 and I have been able to do it by breaking it down and practicing each step like this:
1.Perform Ultra 2
2.Perform a dash then immediately jump fierce (j.hp)
3.Down back charge then half circle forward
4.Down back charge then half circle forward then dash.
5.Down back charge then half circle forward then dash immediate jump fierce.
If you made it to step 5 hopefully you did a dash ultra. If not, make sure you had enough down back charge and check your inputs to make sure that when you are pressing PPP it looks like jump fierce

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