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Cody Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Cody Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 1,000Stun: 1,050 Tier Ranking: 36th
Popularity: 3rd Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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kdillon7323 posted November 16, 2014

Cody's is one of his really good normals that needs to be used to the fullest. It's a 3 frame start up and is probably the furthest teaching 3 frame normal in the cast. xx mk ruffian is also a a very nice OS when playing Footsies. Only downside is the not so fast recovery. If abused to much you might start getting whiff punished.

MajinTenshinhan posted November 11, 2014

While all of Cody's specials have their uses, the only one that I feel does its job perfectly is Criminal Upper. The light punch one is only -4 on block, so if you space it correctly you'll be incredibly hard to punish, and it's a perfect combo ended for basically all of Cody's combos.

ShinAkiraDesu posted November 22, 2014

HK. Ruffian kick isnt the only good anti air he has, his is really godlike and if you cant AA with either i feel like st.RH is pretty dang good as well if ya ask me.

Jellie posted November 16, 2014

Codys zonk knuckle is better than its given credit for. Has good range, decent inv frames, great meter build, and a great way to get in and build momentum. EX CU now is not all that good. I'd have rather them kept it the same as AE if I knew they'd make it grab-able and less push back now. Makes grab character matchups that much harder. standing LK is just as good if not better than crouching LK, especially up close. F.MP is his best command normal. On counter hit it leads to every single one of his normals(except for maybe, haven't tried that one), also ultra 2. Overhead is good because it's +3 on hit and can lead to more damage. Rock throw is mostly bad but they did fix the throw variation so you can release it anytime, which is really good. That way you can time your opponents jump to hit them with the rock in the air and get a juggle, which is good for momentum. Fake rock is great, especially in block strings. A great bait tool. Back mp is one of the best anti airs in the game. Bad spray is only bad for its recovery, but it's a great way to turn around the match and your opponents momentum. It's also fadc-able. Just don't abuse it of course. Crack kick is much better now that it's airborne, that alone is a game changer. His slide is actually pretty good now that it's not -3 on hit lol. Thats also one of his best tools. Don't be so quick to call a move bad, bet half of you didn't know that counter hit leads to ultra 2. I believe Cody is about 30% uncharted, he has a lot of unused, undiscovered tech.

BLACK_PHOENIX3 posted July 6, 2015

I main Cody on 360 ane ps4

Zonk Knuckle is an underrated reversal. good for countering when a person drops a combo link and can punish throws if used at the right time so that the attempted throw comes out during the time that the attack is invincible.

I've successfully used the Ex version to counter opponents ultra combos at times.

Note that it won't work on all ultras, also getting used to using it takes a while as well

ragingkarma posted April 9, 2015

Cody is a good character that completly relies on momentum. If you stop cody you pretty much won the match. His specials has so many recovery frames making hard to combo with anything but crushing fierce.

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