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Chun-Li Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Chun-Li Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 950Stun: 1,050 Tier Ranking: 15th
Popularity: 11th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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guitarzann posted November 23, 2014

Goto anti-air moves: s.HP, s.MK, cr.HK, cr.MP, s.HK, EX.SBK, df.LK, nj.HK, nj.HP, fj.HP
All of her AAs are situational, but as a general rule of thumb s.HP, s.MK and cr.HK are your best bet. If you want to punish the jump more, use df.LK(down-forward), nj.HP(neutral jump) or dj.HP(diagonal jump) as all of these can be followed up with stomps or Ultra.
The name of her AA game is knowing what button to press at what ranges. Her AA buttons are some of the best in the game. Just watch out for divekicks.

firesnake posted November 20, 2014

Watch out when throwing out your far standing heavy punch. It can get grabbed by grapplers if they see it coming

tktktk43 posted December 11, 2014

Anti-air: try to use s.HP as oppose to s.MK in the long & mid range and use cr.HP as oppose to backward flip kick in close range. This is because s.HP and cr.HP has longer active frames and better hitboxes; not to mention they also do greater damage. s.MK did get better startup frames in USFIV but I always found the move to trade most of the time and it's usually in your opponent's favor when it trades. Another option for anit-air is her air grab. You can also use nj.HK for far away jump ins and nj.HP on close jump ins.

Wake up: Sometimes the best wake up is to do nothing and block your opponent's setup so practice blocking. Chun-li is blessed with a great back dash and it is a great tool to use if you are not cornered. EX bird kick can be easily baited so use it only if you anticipate jabs, grabs, or cross ups; if your opponent blocks or neutral jump Chun-li can be heavily punished for using EX bird kick. Characters that lacks an uppercut-type move have trouble with wake up so the best way to level up your game with Chun-Li is to avoid being knock down.

Game plan: Chun-li, as a SFIV character, is not very scary because she deals mediocre damage and lack tools to pressure the opponent. A defensive game plan would be to play the mid-range game. In the mid-range game, if your opponent has a fireball character, incorporate flipping ax kick to slow down the fireball game. Far away, Chunk-li can't do anything so stay in the mid-range to close range at all times. An offensive game plan would be to force your way into the close range. Chun-Li has no real answers to uppercuts so a cautious approach is advise. Use cr.HP to link into any bread and butter combos you can perform. Chun-li suffers from damage scaling due to her lighting legs so being able to perform several combo loops is necessary to deal adequate damage.

Snydler posted December 11, 2014

Chun Li is definitely a zoning character. There are several normals and specials to keep in mind when playing Chun Li.

st.MP, st.HP and cr.MP are all great normals for "poking" your opponent. I find that the best anti air moves come from cr.HP (Chun Li does a sort of slide) and an ex spinning bird kick. From ex sbk, one could combo with ex legs into either ultra 1 or ultra 2, depending on your positioning. It mostly works in the corner.

j.HP can be done two times in the air which opens up the opportunity for some great combos.

A really easy one to pull off it j.HP, j.HP, cr.HP xx m.Spinning Bird Kick.

mbolt posted November 23, 2014

I think chunli is a very good character. You need to fix ultra 1 and her super. Hosenka cant juggle every single person. On almost every single character if you catch them at a certain angle they will fall out. Poison falls out no matter what she will only juggle if you catch her by chunlis toes. Her super can juggle very poorly she will catch them for 4hits and that's about it.

SirBeeEl posted November 21, 2014

You can plink lk and mp together (which the system will use the mp) and tap out EX legs for a quick confirm into a juggle. You can follow the juggle with either Ultra 1 or Ultra 2.


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