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Cammy Ultra Street Fighter 4 artwork

Cammy Ultra Street Fighter 4 moves


Stamina: 950Stun: 950 Tier Ranking: 4th
Popularity: 6th Frame DataSF4 Tiers

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VinnieBlaz3d posted November 27, 2014

those are basic combos at best and doesn't even do decent damage, maybe this will help new Cammy players a bit better...

Hit Confirms
- cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.MP/cr.MK xx HK Arrow - 181 dmg/306 stun
- cr.LP, cr.MP, cr.MK* xx HK Arrow - 221 dmg/356 stun
- cr.LK, cr.LP, far.LP, cr.MK xx HK Arrow - 183 dmg/318 stun

- cl.MP, cr.MP/cr.MK* xx HK Arrow - 231 dmg/344 stun
- cl.HP, cr.MP/cr.MK* xx HK Arrow - 241 dmg/364 stun
- cr.HP, cr.MK* xx HK Arrow - 241 dmg/394 stun

Extended BnBs
- cr.LP, cl.MP, cr.MP/cr.MK* xx HK Arrow - 226 dmg/356 stun
- cr.LP, cl.HP, cr.MP/cr.MK* xx HK Arrow - 236 dmg/376 stun
- cr.LP, cr.HP, cr.MK* xx HK Arrow - 236 dmg/406 stun

Max Damage (Advanced)
- cl.HP, far.HP* xx HK Arrow - 246 dmg/364 stun**
- cl.MP, cr.MP, cr.MK* xx MK Arrow - 257 dmg/385 stun**
- cl.HP, cr.MP, cr.MK* xx MK Arrow - 267 dmg/405 stun**
- cl.MP, cr.HP*, cr.MK* xx MK Arrow - 272 dmg/435 stun**

FADC Combos
- HK Cannon Spike, FADC, U1 - 332 dmg/100 stun
- cr.MK xx HK Arrow, FADC, cr.LP, cr.HP, cr.MK* xx HK Arrow - 276 dmg/475 stun**
- cr.MK xx HK Arrow, FADC, cl.HP*, cr.MK* xx HK Arrow - 287 dmg/454 stun

* - Indicates that this is a 1 frame link, the game's hardest links to connect
** - Indicates that this combo is character specific and sometimes may require a jump-in, your opponent to be in a crouching state or a combo-able Cannon Strike

NinjaDude posted December 8, 2014

Tips for learning the Instant Air Cannon Strike:
The instant air Cannon Strike is when you do a Cannon Strike as close as possible to the ground, to make it seem like you never even jumped. To do this move you must perform a quarter-circle back motion, but continue moving the joystick until it is in the up-back position and then press two kick buttons. If done right, you will only have been in the air for a frame and you would be able to do the Cannon Strike instantly.
To do an instant air Cannon Strike you must have one bar of meter, because Cammy can only do a jumping-back Cannon Strike if it is the EX version.
If you're having trouble performing the move, try to take your time with the joystick motion. Try doing a quarter-circle back motion like normal, but slightly slowing down as you enter the up-back position and tapping two kick buttons at the last moment you think you'd be able to hold the joystick up without jumping.

The reward:
This takes little time to perfect, so I recommend this technique to anyone getting into competitive play. Also you can do some sick mixups with this move. If you have the meter, you can even combo multiple Instant Airs. Since this is technically an air move, you can't get grabbed so if you have the meter and you want to tech a throw, do this move instead of a Throw Escape because you'll punish instead of both players being pushed back. You can pull out an Instant Air on wakeup, or on enemy wake up for some good punishes. Mix it up and don't do this too often because players can adapt and punish you.

No-Meter Instant Air Cannon Strike:
If you ever play on a PC using the arrow keys on a keyboard, or if you own a Hitbox, you can actually do this technique with the regular version of Cammy's Cannon Strike. You can do a quarter-circle back motion, then delay, then press up and forward followed immediately by a kick. The timing for the delay is key. The best tip I can think if is after your quarter-circle back motion, pretend you are doing it a second time. Pretend as though you are going for a super in your mind, without actually doing a second roll, then after you imagine doing the second roll (imagine doing it slowly), execute the last step(up-forward kick). This may take a few times to learn the timing right but it is possible and I wouldn't try it too often unless you can execute it flawlessly, but I wouldn't do it at all online because using a Hitbox to do this gives you an unfair advantage.


mbolt posted November 23, 2014

Some good combos for advanced players. These combos do pretty good damage St.LP,st.LP,cr.Mk,spiral arrow can combo 3 times with 2FADC=12hits
Jp.HP,st.LP,,cr.Mk cannon spike FADC cannon spike FADC ultra1= depends on the angle for her ultra 1
Ex.CannonStrike,Ex.CannonStrike,st.HP,cr.Mk,spiral arrow FADC st.LP,st.LP,st.HP,spiral arrow=10hits
St.LP,st.LP,st.lp,st.lp cannon spike FADC cannon spike FADC ultra 1= depend on the angle of her ultra 1
Some of these will be character specific so don't think these will work on everyone.


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