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USF4 > Blanka > Lightning Cannonball - Super and Ultras

Blanka's Lightning Cannonball Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Ultra 1, U1

Lightning Cannonball a.k.a. Ultra 1, U1
6.2 of 10
Hard knockdown
Limited juggle
Partial invincibility
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Tips for Blanka's Lightning Cannonball
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Ragnaroid posted March 8, 2016

This Ultra is ideal for new Blanka players as Ultra II's input is kind of strange. It's got a fast start up and does a good chunk of damage and is ideal for chipping out an opponent, it can also be effective as an anti-air against opponents who are attempting to get jump ins on you. The execution must be precise however, as this Ultra can leave Blanka vulnerable.

feralwolf72 posted December 5, 2014

UC1 is the more flashy version of Blanka's classic Ground Shave Rolling special. For most is the chosen Ultra because it is slightly easier to do. It is a strange hitting move that starts overhead, then hits normal. Upon landing from the overhead portion, you may hold the buttons down to keep Blanka in place for a bit. Get familiar with how this works in order to maximize your damage on hit, or where to let go if you botch it. In USF4, it is easier to combo into than any version of SF4 before, but still not easy.

It requires a linked off of cr. lk, cr. mk, and rock crusher headbutt. The easiest of those three is cr. mk, while the most difficult is the full charged rock crusher.

In all reality most people don't combo into UC1, but will use it to chip out an opponent, or set up the UC on top of a hard knockdowned opponent. Another use is the Surpise Forward into UC1 (this is older, so most players will not be surprise though).

It has the most invincibility of all of Blanka's moves, so if you need to get out of life or death situation with no meter, sometimes wake up Ultra is the best way to escape the corner rather than using it offensively.

It requires practice of the Blanka players links and timing to use proficiency.

ShotoSurgery posted November 26, 2014

Lightning Cannonball has one of the fastest startups (that isn't a grab) of any Ultra in the game, with a startup of only four frames. The real problem with this Ultra though, is with the execution, a good way to use this might be to hit them initially with the startup hit, then wait for when the foe is about to hit the ground and strike.

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