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USF4 > Blanka > Rolling Attack - Special Moves

Blanka's Rolling Attack Ultra Street Fighter 4 - Beast Ball

Rolling Attack a.k.a. Beast Ball
5.6 of 10
Armor breaking
Soft knockdown
EX Rolling Attack a.k.a. EX Beast Ball
of 10
Armor breaking
Projectile invincibility
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Tips for Blanka's Rolling Attack
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feralwolf72 posted December 5, 2014

The iconic special move itself, rolling attack. The body projectile so synonymous with Blanka it is most often known as "Blanka Ball". This is an important part of playing Blanka, but it is also high risk/high reward. It has been so since the early days of SF2.

Blanka Ball can be used as a solitary hit, a cross up set up, a combo ending special move, the end of a block string, a way to get around the screen and a huge liability. The stronger the punch button, the less safe you are. Not just on block, but hit too (Except for HP version on hit, thanks ULTRA!.

LP ball- Travels a small distance, but makes you safer on block. Preferred use if you drop the combo, but still need to ball for whatever reasons.

MP ball.- Travels most of the screen distance if the opponent is standing still. Kind of safe on block. Go to version for hit confirming combos into super.

HP ball- Goes the furthest and knocks down on hit. Great to use in combos. You can used this to trade with people that insist on jabbing you out of ball. Best version for cross-up ball set-ups because of knockdown.

EX-ball- One of Blanka's best weapons versus projectiles. Does NOT knockdown like HP ball, so you can be punished still on hit in certain cases. A blocked EX ball is sort of safe. It is situational.


All versions Armor Break, but only HP knocks down

Abel, Hugo, Chun-Li, Seth can all reliabley punish ball on hit with one of their Ultra combos alone(Able both, although I never see Breathless anymore). Some other characters can punish with super on hit, but most every character has a way to punish a blocked ball for 40% or more damage. The few that won't get high damage, will get a hard knockdown and a set up. This move is where you must be the most patient and precise.

Jake_da_Thrilla posted November 16, 2014

Fierce version does a soft knockdown on hit. All Beast Balls recovers quickly if it doesn't make contact with opponents. A great trick is to do a Beast Ball that will get close to the opponent without actually touching them, then throw then while they are still blocking.


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