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USF4 > Blanka > Crouching Medium Kick - Normal Moves

Blanka's Crouching Medium Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4

Crouching Medium Kick
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feralwolf72 posted March 20, 2015

In the 1.04 Ultra SF4 update this move got better. Although it takes a bit of practice, Blanka can now link at least two cr. mks in most combos. Against some characters he can additional hits after the 2 cr. mks as well.

While that extends his bread and butter combos, it also expands his mix up game. It allows for longer hit strings to be cancelled out of for new surprise forward mix ups (depending on which character and sequence of normals). The hop mix up can now land same side or cross up after multiple linked cr. mks. I haven't fully tested it so I cannot give specifics, but for those who feel they have worn out there welcome with side switch mix ups, try it out.

Practice the new character specific combos and mix ups off of your 2 linked cr. mks!!!

feralwolf72 posted November 20, 2014

Blanka's best cancel-able normal. One of the few ways to reliably cancel into Ultra, leading to Blanka's highest damage output in a combo. Cr. Mk has great range and has good advantage on hit and block. It has even more advantage on "counter hit" leading to more expansive options for Blanka.

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