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USF4 > Blanka > Crouching Light Punch - Normal Moves

Blanka's Crouching Light Punch Ultra Street Fighter 4

Crouching Light Punch
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feralwolf72 posted March 20, 2015

After playing more of the 1.04 patch of USF4 cr. mk startup is now as fast as cr. lp. Why use cr. lp at all then?

Although they both extend far, and cr. mk will net more damage and is safer in terms of frame advantage on hit and block, cr. lp has several uses.

Since Blanka's hurtbox is behind the elbow of the animation (hitbox is the elbow to mid palm), this is his "physically safest" crouching normal. It is a great way to battle back and maintain some ground space from persons/characters pressing forward bullying you with normals and throw attempts. It will pester the opponent to either use an invincible move, or will gain you enough ground to combo, cancel to hop, or force them to block instead of press.

I've found it helpful vs. Cody, Guy, and certain playstyles of Ibuki or Dudley. Not the tool of choice against those with great kara throws or grapplers however.

feralwolf72 posted December 5, 2014

Useful crouching normal. Not as useful as cr. lk, but extends further.

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