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USF4 > Blanka > Close Standing Medium Kick - Normal Moves

Blanka's Close Standing Medium Kick Ultra Street Fighter 4

Close Standing Medium Kick
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feralwolf72 posted November 20, 2014

Close standing mk is a normal that is integral to maintaining Blanka's mix up tactics. It goes over low attacks pretty early in the animation. It stops "crouch teching" cold. Hits twice, breaking armor. Keeps the opponents off balance since it looks nearly identical to close lk in the beginning animations, throwing off their reactions. It can lead to a combo, leading into a knockdown (paramount for Blanka). This is one of the most useful normals in Blanka's arsenal.

Jake_da_Thrilla posted November 17, 2014

Close standing Forward is an awesome move that can when done from a jump-in attack, give Blanka enough time to hit-confirm into a standing Jab link, then cancel into Beast Ball. The link to Jab from this move is fairly hard to time correctly at first, but can be done with practice.

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